NJ Brownie

NJ Brownie

Introducing the PBNJ Brownie – an irresistible fusion of two timeless treats, peanut butter, and local strawberry jam, artfully blended with rich chocolate. Handcrafted with precision by Matha Figaro, CEO of ButACake, and Yasmin Obie, COO of ButACake, these brownies promise a flavor explosion like no other.


  1. Fast-acting onset in under 20 minutes with Azuca time infusion technology.
  2. Individually packaged for convenience, featuring 10mg THC per brownie.
  3. Crafted with premium ingredients including Azuca, butter, chocolate, eggs, flour, sugar, salt, peanut butter, and strawberry jam.
  4. Manufactured by CannPowerment


Photo credits: ERIK BERNSTEIN PHOTOGRAPHY erik@erikbernsteinphoto.com

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